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Come Join Us!

What will you see?

Real, honest people. In casual clothes. In their Sunday best. In blue jeans and t-shirts, flannel and carhart jeans. People in sandals and sneakers and work boots and high style. People wearing contacts and others wearing glasses. Some sporting tattoos, and others simply dressed.

Our community is largely a farming community, so you may see Bret coming in having just wrestled a long-horn, or Jack after already working his fields. You will see teachers, nurses, office workers, stay at home moms.

Our point is not how we look or what we do for a living, but that Jesus Christ loved us and saved us wherever we were at before, regardless of race, or gender, or profession, or status, or any other difference.

And that is what you will see – people who will be happy to see you there, and not worry about what you wear!

Our Morning Worship Service will last just over an hour, we do have a children's church and nursery if you don't want to have your younger kids with you in the service.

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Christian Life Hour

Sundays 9:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship Service

10:45 am


Sunday Night
Prayer Meeting

5:30 pm

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